Comicster Extensions Overview

A Comicster extension adds new functions and customizations to the Comicster application. Anyone can build Comicster extensions and load them into their Comicster applications. If the creator desires, they can upload the extension to the Comicster Extension Gallery to share with other Comicster users.

Extension Types and Categories

There are two types of Comicster Extensions:

  • Plug-Ins - A Plug-In adds new functionality to the Comicster Application and is packaged as various library files coded using the .NET Framework
  • Skins - A Skin is a UI customization that allows new page layouts, fonts, colors, and images to enhance viewing information stored within your Comicster collection

Comicster Plug-In Types

  • Catalog
  • File Format
  • Search
  • Tool

Comicster Skin Types

  • Skin

Catalog Extension

A Catalog Extension provides an additional catalog service where your Comicster application can download information about publishers, titles, issues, characters, creators, groups, and storylines. The default catalog is Comicster Online database.

An example of a catalog extension is the Comic Vine catalog extension. This extension allows end-users to query Comic Vine for item details instead of using the default catalog.

File Format Extension

The File Format Extension allows developers to create additional data formats can be be read from or written to. This type of extension allows end-users to "save as" a different format or "open" from a different format. A File Format extension can support read-only (for importing) or read/write (for importing/exporting).

An example of a File Format Extension is the CMX Reader which allows users to import Comicster version 1 CMX files.

Search Extension

Search Extensions provide new custom searches. A Search Extension adds more custom searches to your search list.

An example of a search extension is the Search By Comic Ages extension that provides four new custom searches: Issues By Golden Age, Issues By Silver Age, Issues By Bronze Age, and Issues By Modern Age.

Skin Extension

A Skin is a UI customization that allows the user to change the appearance and layout of the Comicster application.

Tool Extension

A Tool Extension is any feature enhancement that is activated via the Tools menu. The Tool extension type is the most versatile kind of plug-in which can effectively do anything.

An example of a Tool Extension is the Merge CMX tool which allows users to copy details over from a Comicster version 1 CMX file into their version 4 CMXX file.